Digital Keys App V3 coming soon!

A new Digital Keys app is coming soon.


It comes with all the Digital Keys features from version 2, such as digital keys unlocking, requesting digital keys, and writing to NFC cards, plus new features such as remote unlocking, generating PIN's, creating new users and user groups, and generating time-sensitive digital keys.

Download the Digital Keys App and get connected.


Manage your NB IoT Smartlocks

Create time-limited digital keys

Select the dates and times that you want your digital key to work for.


Select your NB IoT smartlock that you want the digital key to unlock, confirm the details, and your digital key will appear in your digital keys page

Write to NFC Cards/Tokens

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to write to NFC cards/tokens for your NB-IoT Smartlocks

Simply by holding our NFC keycards and NFC tokens up to the back of an Android NFC phone (5.0 and above) with you can write your digital key to the cards/tokens, and then use our locks like a typical keycard system used in hotels and office.


See list of compatible NFC HCE phones here.

Once the digital key is copied to the card/token, a duplicate can't be made, so that you are in total control of who has the keys and for how long. The cards can be re-programmed 100,000 times and are so cheap (30-40 cents each).

Control Access

Create users and users groups with access to certain smartlocks.


You can grant access to hundreds of locks for certain user groups in seconds, or simply make friends and families user to receive digital keys in an instant.

Make Digital Keys Requests

Watch the video below to see how easy for end-users to make digital keys requests

The digital keys request feature in the app is designed for end-users to choose the date and time and specific lock that they want access for, and to submit this request to the account administrator/ account owner. The end-users can be anyone such as electricians, plumbers, volunteers, staff etc requiring temporary access to a site. 

The end-users can leave a message for why they are requesting digital key access. This reduces the time burden on the account owners (especially when managing hundreds of sites/users). Account owners only need to hit one approve button for the end-user to receive their digital key after they have made the request.

Digital Keys for Deliveries

Enter/paste your tracking number into the Digital Keys app to create a one-off unlock for delivery drivers. 


When a delivery driver arrives at your house with your package, they scan the Narrowband QR code on your door, and the package barcode to trigger an unlock command.


If the tracking numbers from the scans line up, your door unlocks just once, and your delivery driver slides your package into your house without setting a foot inside.   


How Digital Keys for Deliveries Works

Step 1 

Copy/enter your tracking number into the digital keys app

Step 2 

Delivery driver scans your smartlock QR code on your door 

Step 3 

Delivery driver scans your parcel bar code

Step 4 

Door unlocks once, delivery driver slides your package inside

Additional Resources

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